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BFA is a global consulting firm specializing in financial services for low-income people. Our approach is to seek out, create and implement financial solutions to help people manage challenges and seize opportunities. We partner with cutting-edge organizations, such as financial institutions, fintech companies and information providers, that touch the lives of low-income consumers. In creating solutions, we integrate our deep expertise in customer insights, business strategy, new technology, and growth-enabling policy and regulation. Founded in 2006, BFA’s clients include donors, investors, financial institutions, policymakers, insurers and payment service providers. BFA has offices in Nairobi, Delhi, Boston, Medellín and New York.

We are looking for candidates who enjoy working independently in a high-energy environment. These positions are for immediate hire.

Location : New Delhi, India

Quantitative Analyst, Consumer Insights Practice

January 30, 2018

BFA is an exciting and rewarding place to work – offering a range of opportunities to work around the globe with financial institutions focused on making a difference in the lives of the poor. We are a global team of highly skilled, socially motivated experts working together to achieve the best value possible for our clients and partners, and ultimately improving the conditions of global poverty. To learn more, visit

The work of the Consumer Insights practice

The Consumer Insights Practice Area focuses on giving voice to the low income customer. Our clients are foundations, donors, and financial services providers with interest in serving and supporting low-income populations, communities, and individuals.

Our work aims to generate insights and tractable actions regarding the financial behavior of low-income consumers. We are globally renowned as experts in Financial Diaries – a methodology that collects finely-grained data on money related transactions. In our work we employ a range of methodologies: from quantitative data collection and analysis (surveys, Financial Diaries, MIS data) and traditional qualitative research (ethnography, focus groups, etc.), to attitudinal research (Human Centered Design, UI/UX research, usability testing) and experimental design informed by behavioral economics.

As insights from consumers are most effective when viewed in conjunction with an understanding of financial service provider’s goals, we often work in partnership with the Business Insights, Policy and Ecosystem Development, Inclusive Fintech, and Finance for Life Practice Areas at BFA.

We’re looking for a Quantitative Analyst

The Consumer Insights practice is looking for a teammate who is well-versed in quantitative analysis, ideally integrated with qualitative research methods. The Quantitative Analyst’s role will consist of analyzing data, generating graphics, and helping translate results into compelling stories about needs and behaviors, that can be easily understood by a broad range of audiences. The position may also involve survey design and implementation, including field work. Dependent on their past experience and field of expertise, the analyst will have opportunities to contribute to the design and implementation of interventions aimed at behavior change, as well as to be involve in qualitative studies.

Our expectations:

  1. Master’s degree in economics, statistics, sociology, or similar, with a quantitative focus.
  2. Coursework in econometrics and statistical analysis
  3. At least one year of experience working in a similar position, or as a researcher
  4. Strong Stata programming skills
  5. Field experience in developing countries, preferably in survey implementation (testing, training and managing research teams)
  6. Demonstrated ability to work independently
  7. Strong English writing skills and communication

Any of the following will be considered a strong plus:

  1. Previous work or research in the field of development economics, or familiarity with the financial inclusion field.
  2. Coursework or research experience in Behavioral Science and experimental design (A/B testing, RCT)
  3. Demonstrated qualitative research or product design expertise
  4. Knowledge of R, Python, data visualization, mapping, qualitative data analysis, or other similar software
  5. Proficiency in relevant languages, other than English (Spanish, Swahili, etc.)

What you will do

  1. Analyze data from surveys, Financial Diaries, MIS data from banks or other institutions
  2. Translate data and results into charts, stories, and presentations
  3. Pilot and help design questionnaires
  4. Train survey teams, oversee survey implementation and supervise fieldwork
  5. Manage datasets, data collection, data quality control
  6. Participate in product design
  7. Support experimental design and implementation
  8. Support report writing
  9. Present findings to technical and non-technical audiences

Application instructions

This is a full-time position in our New Delhi office.

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Location : New York, NY

Deputy Director, Inclusive Fintech Practice

Posted: February 15th, 2018

BFA is looking for a Deputy Director for our Inclusive Fintech Practice.

We are looking for a Deputy Director for our Inclusive Fintech Practice area who can help manage the product managers, data scientists, and engineers on the team. In particular, we are looking for a systems and design thinker who is passionate and proficient at identifying key components in a given software architecture or data pipeline, and how they fit together to fit the needs of the various customers or users. This person must be aware of the latest tools and trends in fintech (i.e. Machine Learning, Open Data, Mobile SDKs, Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts, etc) and best practices (i.e. which databases are appropriate in what scenario, API protocols, when to use which ML models, etc) in technology. The person should also have experience leading a team, and incorporating lean product management practices in previous roles.

BFA has worked with financial service providers (institutions, SMEs, and startups) across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and expect this Deputy Directory to play a critical role in creating products that help these providers to:

  1. Target sales and support of their services to the right segment of customers and potential clients
  2. Change their marketing strategies to pinpoint customers with particular needs
  3. Make operations more efficient to better serve customers and drive sustainable margins
  4. Create and maintain partnerships with technical vendors to create products and processes that ultimately benefit low income customers

As you roll up your sleeves and collaborate with a team to lead the creation of groundbreaking products and features, you’ll be contributing to work that is designed to bring tangible positive change to the financial lives of disadvantaged communities around the world. And travel to a lot of them too.

The full-time position is based in New York City. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

What You’ll Do

As a Deputy Director, your responsibilities will include oversight of the following activities, as
well as direct involvement when required:

Innovation and Thought Leadership:

  1. Proactively incorporate cutting-edge theoretical and practical methodologies while implementing technology-driven solutions
  2. Create and disseminate knowledge products (presentations at high-profile industry events, blog posts, focus notes, case studies, white papers, best practice documents etc.) through appropriate channels
  3. Keep up with the upcoming trends in technology and constantly strive to learn and improve on the same

Team Management

  1. Work with our talented group of product managers, data scientists, and prototype hackers to ensure the production of high-quality deliverables
  2. Conduct regular 1-on-1s with team members to foster growth, profile building goals, and professional development

Client Management:

  1. Review raw requirements to understand key outcomes expected by clients
  2. Interact with the client on a regular basis to provide regular project status updates, and resolve any issues
  3. Coordinate with other BFA team members to produce high-quality deliverables
  4. Present analysis to the client along with senior stakeholders in the organization

Technology and Data Products:

  1. Devise and foster data-driven strategy with our clients and partners, ranging from pre-seed startups to financial institutions, to regulators and financial authorities
  2. Prototype and deploy web and mobile applications, and machine learning algorithms when appropriate
  3. Provide guidance to BFA colleagues in other teams on data-related tasks


  1. Coordinate knowledge dissemination within the company through “BFA University,” brown bags, and BFA’s Google+ Community
  2. Support recruitment efforts by conducting technical face-to-face interviews
  3. Train current and new team members on technical skillsets to increase throughput and improve redundancy
  4. Provide input to RFPs when they have components related to technology
  5. Additional tasks will depend on project requirements determined by our client-driven work.


The ideal candidate for the position must have the following qualifications:

  1. Advanced degree (Masters or Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or equivalent
  2. Experience serving in mid-to-high level management positions, preferably with digital/data products (i.e. CTO, Program Manager, Development Manager, Director, etc)
  3. Experience working in a wide variety of contexts, i.e. an ability to sit with central bankers, a bank’s head of innovation, a start-up engineer, members of a rural savings groups, etc
  4. Must demonstrate from past experience that she/he sees tech as one means to a stated solution, and not a solution in and of itself
  5. Must be willing and excited to travel globally
  6. Must demonstrate the ability to think on your feet, i.e. a “hacker” mentality
  7. Ability to manage a team in an effective manner while balancing several assignments with inputs from multiple clients, partners, and team members

Any of the following will be considered a plus:

  1. Familiarity with financial inclusion and financial services innovation for low-income populations, economic development or social business sector.
  2. Familiarity working with different cultures and languages
  3. Deployment of machine learning algorithms within a scalable, production architecture
  4. Spoken and written language proficiency other than English

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for follow up.


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Location : At one of the following BFA locations: U.S. (Boston, New York, or Washington, D.C.); Nairobi, Kenya; Medellin, Colombia; or New Delhi, India.

Director of Communications and Advocacy

Posted: April 11, 2018

BFA is seeking a Senior Communications and Advocacy Professional in the Financial Inclusion space to head a new Practice Area which is currently being called “Insights & Influence (I&I).” This position is for immediate hire.

As we have expanded our company globally and take on the management of multi-year, multi-country programs, we have increasingly felt that the value of our experiences and those of our partners has not been fully put to use to extend the benefit of learning and insights from our direct work with partners to other stakeholders There is further value we can extract from these projects in terms of helping similar institutions or to use these learnings to advocate for change in the financial and other sectors.

The role of the Insights & Influence (I&I) Practice Area is part-communications and part-advocacy, and it also has a mandate to extract insights from the teams executing the work. These insights are then embedded in a range of tools to influence different stakeholders.

These tools include:

  • Dynamic toolkits for financial service providers;
  • Video and photography to reinforce concepts and processes;
  • Infographics that are used to convey key concepts;
  • Blogs, case studies and white papers;
  • Engagement with a range of media to spread key ideas;
  • Webinars to reach a range of geographies;
  • Design sprints to engage financial service providers and other stakeholders;
  • Convenings and events across geographies, mediums and stakeholders.

These tools are used in the context of broad and deep engagement with a range of media and stakeholders to spread key ideas. Depending on projects, our target audience may include:

  • Financial Institutions (bank and non-bank)
  • Payments providers
  • Insurance providers
  • Mobile Network Operators providing digital financial services
  • Fintech firms
  • RegTech and SupTech firms
  • Data companies
  • Super-platforms (such as Facebook, Amazon, WeChat, Alibaba, etc)
  • Government agencies
  • Financial authorities that regulate and supervise financial markets
  • Donors
  • Investors

The full-time position can be based in any one of BFA’s core offices in Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Nairobi, Medellin or New Delhi. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

What You’ll Do

As Director of Communications and Advocacy, your role will be to:

  • Create a vision for the I&I Practice Area;
  • Develop a work plan for the I&I team that is integrated within BFA’s practice areas and projects;
  • Engage directly with clients to co-create influence strategies;
  • Oversee management of the five full-time person I&I team, as well as several contractors;
  • Develop tools and methods for framing and executing influence strategies;
  • Work closely with other BFA’ers and our clients to effectively communicate our learnings and
  • experiences, as well as those of our partners;
  • Create processes and structures that will ensure smooth execution of I&I activities across
  • multiple practice areas and geographies;
  • Spearhead communications and marketing strategies and execution for large projects;
  • Ensure creativity and design in outputs throughout the company;
  • Lead strategy for BFA around social media, social marketing, design, publications, blogs, etc;
  • Lead communications and marketing functions for practice areas as needed;
  • Create appropriate public relations strategies for BFA as a whole;
  • Serve as part of the leadership team and ensure BFA’s positioning within the financial inclusion
  • industry.

Additionally, you will participate directly in projects as determined by our client-driven work.



The ideal candidate for the position should have the following qualifications:

  1. At least 7 years in a communications role within the philanthropic or related sector;
  2. At least 5 years’ experience within the financial inclusion, digital finance or similar field;
  3. Masters’ degree in Public Policy, Communications, Political Science or equivalent;
  4. Experience in business development;
  5. Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time;
  6. Excellent spoken and written English;
  7. A true team player;
  8. Track record or portfolio of creative communications outputs (including different media and
  9. channels);
  10. Comfort working with a geographically dispersed team;
  11. Proven experience working across multiple subject area teams;
  12. Fluent written and spoken Spanish and/or French (desirable);
  13. Knowledge of social media and social marketing.

How to Apply

Please click the ‘Apply Now’ button to complete the application process as directed, including attaching both your cover letter (or a three-minute video, or a powerpoint or other medium), your CV, and examples/portfolio of your deliverables.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for follow-up.

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Updated January 2018