Laura Cojocaru


Laura works as an associate for Customer Insights at BFA, focusing on quantitative analysis of behavior, and on demand-related aspects of financial inclusion. Since joining in 2012, Laura has assisted work on the Financial Diaries projects in South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, and Mexico. Laura has also provided research support on projects related to mobile money adoption, usage of banking correspondents, and consumer protection in financial services. Her current research interests are the implications of behavioral biases related to salience for the propensity to save. Prior to joining BFA, Laura worked in academia as a teacher and researcher, and for Oxfam America’s “Saving for Change” program, where she conducted research on savings and lending behavior and the sustainability of women savings groups in Mali. Laura holds a Masters and a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Delaware, where her PhD thesis focused on the macroeconomic effects of financial development on economic growth, inequality and poverty in Central and Eastern European countries and the Commonwealth of Independent States, following the fall of Communism.

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Updated January 2017