AKF Digital Savings Group Alpha Pilot

AKF Digital Savings Group Alpha Pilot


BFA supported the Aga Khan Foundation in Tanzania to design and test a digital savings group product which could be used and scaled in a reduced cost acquisition model by a private financial services provider. BFA provided critical support to the work to articulate the group member journey and develop the specifications for the platform. The platform is now hosted by Selcom with a particular focus on clarifying how to resolve member pain points in a cash-based system. AKF and BFA then worked together to design the user testing requirements. BFA trained AKF field staff on user acceptance testing and translating the results into a design, and then documented the corresponding technical specifications for the product. In collaboration with AKF and input from Selcom, BFA has now developed and is supporting a randomized trial of user experience during the pilot testing. Read more about the project on the Aga Khan Foundation website.

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Updated January 2018