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Metlife Foundation



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FAS (Financial Advisory Services) App is a tool that BFA has helped SAJIDA Foundation build as an OPTIX institution. Designed as an app, this tool provides several value features for the SAJIDA loan officer such as:

  1. An overview of all the centers that a loan officer services, and all the clients services in a given center
  2. An overview of loan officer’s portfolio of savings and loans for their clients
  3. Helping the loan officer plan savings for the customer by giving guidance on how much their customers should save and for how long

By focusing the conversation between the loan officer and the customer on a goal, the loan officer can use the FAS app to prioritize visits with the customers. Currently, the FAS app is now being piloted in in the field with SAJIDA’s customers.

SAJIDA Foundation is one of four OPTIX institution working to improve the portfolio of services and products for their customers. Read more about OPTIX to see how we work with these institutions.

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Updated January 2018