Global trends in data science for financial institutions

FIG Lunch and Learn Series: The Power of Data Science for Driving Performance of Financial Institutions



Project Period

October 26, 2017


Join us for an engaging Lunch & Learn with the top-notch experts in the Data Science field, who will discuss the global trends in data science
for financial institutions (FI) and present the case studies of data projects aimed to improve the performance of FIs.

IFC FIG’s team of data analysts / scientists works across regions to deliver data analytics solutions to client FIs, such as customer segmentation, market sizing, portfolio data mining, propensity modeling, credit scoring, etc. Soren Heitmann and Roopam Upadhyay will discuss how IFC manages data projects and share one of the IFC cases studies.

McKinsey & Co’s Risk Practice helps banks and other financial institutions make decisions enabled by big data and advanced analytics. The Firm works with clients to build propensity models, credit score, customer segmentation, stress test models; and independently validates models developed by other institutions. Kirtiman Pathak will discuss the global trends in the field of data science and share the case studies.

BFA and MetLife Foundation created OPTIX to support financial institutions in building better portfolios of products for their low-income customers. OPTIX stands for Optimizing Performance Through Improved Cross(X)-Sell. Ashirul Amin will share how data science is used in OPTIX to scale up the performance of participating FIs.

Wells Fargo is an international banking and financial services holding company, headquartered in San Francisco. David Snyder will discuss key success factors for use of credit scoring for SME lending in the U.S. and detail items to consider when evaluating scoring solutions in developing markets.


Event Details

Date: October 26, 2017

Where: IFC HQ – L-101

Time: 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM


Opening Remarks:

Raja Debnath

Senior SME Banking Specialist –  IFC



Soren Heitmann

Data Scientist, Operations Officer – IFC

Kirtiman Pathak

Senior Expert, Risk Practice – McKinsey & Co

Ashirul Amin, PhD

Senior Associate in the Quantitative Analytics – BFA

David Snyder

VP-Risk Asset Review – Wells Fargo

Roopam Upadhyay

Data Scientist – IFC


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