“Clients at the Centre”

The Mastercard Foundation Symposium on Financial Inclusion (SoFI)

Project Period

November 8-9, 2017

Each year since 2013 our partner The Mastercard Foundation has convened hundreds of industry professionals to its Symposium on Financial Inclusion. The aim is to focus on barriers to greater financial inclusion around the world. SoFI champions the idea that financial service providers must do more to understand and meet the needs of people living in poverty.

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More specifically, the 2017 Symposium will reflect on the progress made over the past five years, explore challenges that lie ahead, and plan how to expand and deepen financial inclusion for the world’s most underserved people. Three topics will dominate this year:

Reflections on Client Centricity and the Way Forward: A discussion on the role of client centricity in the context of where financial inclusion is today and where it is headed. We will discuss what we have learned, results for clients and institutions, where things have not worked, and how we can continue to push this way of working as the landscape for financial services shifts and our goals broaden.

The Client Journey Revisited: Insights from Recent Practice and Research: The client journey is the experiential journey a client faces in his or her interaction with a new institution, product, or service. Sessions will provide examples from work over the past five years that have generated a better understanding of customers, and the barriers and drivers that have shaped the client journey.

Inclusive Ecosystems of the Future: This session will present a compelling futuristic vision in which an entire ecosystem is geared towards client-centric innovation. The session will highlight the trends that enable a digital future, showcase how trends are already being leveraged by our partners, and discuss the risks associated with such innovation.


Inclusive Ecosystems of the Future

Amolo Ng’weno, East Africa Regional Director, and Director, Finance for Life will speak at the Inclusive Ecosystems of the Future panel.

Olga Morawczynski — Program Manager, Mastercard Foundation

Juliet Anammah — CEO, Jumia Nigeria
Dr. Duoguang Bei — President, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion
Amolo Ngweno — East Africa Regional Director, BFA
Nadeem Shaikh — Founder and CEO, Anthemis

This session will present a compelling futuristic vision in which an entire ecosystem is geared towards client-centric innovation. From the perspective of the client, the panel will showcase what could be possible if unnecessary barriers were relaxed and digital assets and channels were leveraged via open structures for purposes of innovation. The session will highlight the trends that enable this digital future and showcase how these trends are already being leveraged by our partners to advance and enhance financial inclusion digitally. Finally, the discussion will turn to the risks that could emerge as new players enter the innovation space, and digital assets are leveraged in new ways, and hypothesize what that might mean for the low-income client.

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