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financial and non-financial institutions that touch

the lives of low-income customers

Our Clients

Our clients include donors, investors, financial institutions,
policymakers, insurers and payment service providers.

David Ferrand
Director, FSD Kenya

FSD Kenya

BFA has been a valued partner for FSD Kenya for the past decade. Together BFA and FSD Kenya have pursued valuable work in enhancing the financial options for low-income people in Kenya. BFA’s work with FSD Kenya has ranged from policy to product development to the Kenya Financial Diaries, as well as inputs into FSD’s own strategies. BFA is regarded as a leader in both policy and implementation around digital financial services, and their international experience combines with local knowledge to give them a deep understanding of the fast-changing Kenyan market. They are trusted by the various actors in the sector as well as government and provide perspective and insight as well as information.

Evelyn Stark
AVP, Financial Inclusion Lead, Metlife Foundation

MetLife Foundation

MetLife Foundation believes that low and moderate income populations need access to the right financial tools to achieve their goals. Understanding client needs and designing the right product is only part of the story. The integrated approach which BFA uses to engage all actors – clients, financial services providers, technology partners, regulators – makes BFA expert at navigating a complex financial services ecosystem to design and deliver the right tools that are used by customers to improve their financial health. This is why we chose BFA to manage one of our largest strategic initiatives in financial services for the poor: OPTIX.

BFA is privileged to work in a sector with many smart and engaged clients, many of whom have spent time within financial institutions and working at the frontline of providing services to low-income communities.

We find that our best work comes when we can “co-create” a project with the client. For example, they or we start with a general concept or question and then together, create an appropriate way to investigate or explore it in a way that has the most direct impact on financial providers and end consumers involved as well as the biggest impact for the sector as a whole.

Our People

Updated January 2018