Whom BFA seeks to serve

Addressing the financial needs of the lower income segments

We work successfully with institutions serving the poorest individuals

Such as individuals who earn $2 per day and below. While working with the Aga Khan Foundation and Selcom in Tanzania, we helped design and introduce a digital savings group product to women who earned less than $1 per person per day, many of whom are illiterate. Our Financial Diaries in Mozambique gathered data on households with earnings less than $0.50 per person per day and workshopped with financial service providers to create solutions for their needs.

We also address the needs of the working low income and the rising middle classes

Such as individuals who earn $5 per day, even up to $10 per day in some environments because they are still underserved and vulnerable. In our own research for the Credit at the Cusp project which we prepared with FSDA (Financial Sector Deepening Africa), we found that the income segment between $2 to $5 per person per day – often active earners – were indeed still quite vulnerable to slipping back into poverty. This particular segment, which we call “cuspers,” is becoming increasingly important as the middle class begins to expand in many developing economies.

As we leverage our technical expertise, a range of tools, and an open mind about what is possible for each income segment

We provide a distinctive view across low income livelihoods, gender, urban, and rural settings to allow providers to better target their acquisition and retention strategies.


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Updated January 2017