We Are BFA

About Us

Founded in 2006, BFA is a global consulting firm leveraging finance and technology to innovate solutions for a sustainable and equitable world where people have agency over their future and their most pressing challenges are pro-actively addressed in a timely manner.

We work at the frontiers of applied research and innovation. Through our knowledge, skills, and experience we harness data science, economic analyses, financial tools, artificial intelligence, human-centered design, and lean product development. We apply our approach to consumer research, the development of new business models and products, policy design and implementation, and the building of collaborative ecosystems.

Our aim is for this work to contribute towards effective and sustainable development, poverty reduction, fulfilling employment in the age of automation, the bridging of digital divides, better participatory and evidence-informed governance, and mitigation of the negative impacts of migratory and climate crises.

Our Approach

We are deepening and broadening our work to leverage the opportunities presented by a rapidly digitizing global economy. Our aim is to help drive proactive responses to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Among them, growing economic inequality even as the number of people living in absolute poverty declines. At BFA, we have a multi-disciplinary, nimble, client-centric approach that we apply across our work, from customer research to project, product, and policy design.

Whom Do We Serve?

We work successfully with institutions that are committed to developing innovative, inclusive and sustainable economies. Our clients include financial institutions, technology companies, central banks, policymakers, investors, development agencies and donors. Together, with partners and clients, we craft efficient solutions that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to address vulnerabilities and shape the future, creating a sustainable and equitable world.

Our History