Accelerating Early-stage Inclusive Fintech Startups In Emerging Markets

Mar 28, 2019

The goal for every startup – fintech or otherwise – is securing funding for growth. Yet most fintech startups launch with an abundance of ideas and optimism, but without the capital to test and scale their products. So their journey ends before they can achieve impact – and before the broader ecosystem can benefit from their innovations.

This report by Catalyst Fund, “Accelerating Early-stage Inclusive Fintech Startups in Emerging Markets: Assessing the Landscape and Catalyst Fund’s Model,” takes stock of the accelerator landscape to evaluate the Catalyst Fund program. In doing so, they identified 11 accelerators that touch or specialize in inclusive fintech in emerging markets. This number is relatively small compared to the global fintech sector, and in relation to inclusive fintech’s potential to impact large numbers of individuals across markets. Nevertheless, the report demonstrates that their particular method of acceleration is valuable to startups and proven in its AAA approach, and that it delivers value for money to program funders. Read the report.