Are we there yet? The evolution of fintech regulation in Nigeria

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Digital Financial Services, Financial Health, Inclusive Fintech |

Venture-building helps South Africa’s MobiLife bring insurance to underserved families

Fewer than 12% of South Africans have life insurance, amounting to an insurance gap of over R30 trillion. Low...

By Akansha Kasera
Inclusive Fintech |

3 steps to remedy poor product activation

Pirate metrics – also known as the AARRR framework (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue), have become gospel for...

By Arunjay Katakam
Climate Action, Inclusive Fintech, PAYGo and Essential Services |

La oportunidad para modelos PAYGo en Latino América

Read in English El mercado solar de pago por uso (PAYGo) es un mercado de $ 1,75 mil millones...

By Bethany Kanten
Digital Financial Services, Financial Health, Inclusive Fintech, Livelihoods and Microenterprise |

Beyond credit: 3 emerging opportunities for fintech startups in the gig economy

Gig work is projected to generate a gross volume of ~$455 billion globally by 2023. Gig work has been...

By Rasima Swarup
Inclusive Fintech |

Press release: Catalyst Fund and Greenhouse Capital announce Fintech in Focus event to discuss strategies for Africa’s tech sector to rebuild in a post-pandemic climate

LAGOS, Nigeria, August 25, 2020 – Catalyst Fund, the global inclusive fintech accelerator managed by BFA Global, supported by...

By Thea Sokolowski
Climate Action, Inclusive Fintech, PAYGo and Essential Services |

The opportunity for PAYGo in Latin America

The Pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar market is a $1.75B market serving over 420 million users, with over 30% annual revenue...

By Bethany Kanten
Digital Financial Services, Inclusive Fintech |

Rapid tech due diligence: How Catalyst Fund assesses a startup’s tech

Alongside product-market fit and adequate control of data, underlying tech quality is a key determinant of whether a startup...

By Matt Grasser
Inclusive Fintech |

Conoce a Mango Life, que permite a los mexicanos adquirir fácilmente seguros de vida y salud

In English   La penetración de seguros en México es extremadamente baja, solo el 15% de los mexicanos tiene...

By Malika Anand
Inclusive Fintech |

Conoce a Graviti, una startup mexicana que está utilizando métodos de PAYGo para llevar servicios esenciales a mexicanos subatendidos

In English   Graviti tiene como objetivo brindar acceso asequible y conveniente a servicios esenciales para familias no bancarizadas...

By Thea Sokolowski