Our venture-building model


Catalyst Fund invests in and accelerates startups via its bespoke venture-building support delivered by industry and market experts, curated connections with our Circle of Investors and Circle of Corporate Innovators, and access to the best network of tech innovators worldwide.

Bespoke venture-building support

Our venture-building support is entrepreneur-led and tailored to each individual company’s needs. We begin with a diagnostic phase that dives deep to understand each company’s product, strategy, communications, finance, operations, tech, and other needs. 

The BFA Global team of specialist venture builders then embarks on a period of intensive support, essentially becoming part of each startup’s team, focusing on accelerating their path to product-market fit.

Typical company journey with Catalyst Fund

AAA approach: inclusive tech solutions

Catalyst Fund strives to create AAA (Accessible, Affordable, Appropriate) products and solutions that will truly benefit low-income, underserved populations.

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