Startup acceleration

The Catalyst Fund startup accelerator combines catalytic capital, bespoke venture building support, curated connections with our circles of investors and corporate partners and access to the best network of fintech innovators worldwide.


Patient capital

Early stage startups need patient capital to pilot and iterate their product, while they work to achieve the proof points investors are looking to see. 

We work with startups at the stage when they need it most – while they’re working toward product-market fit. Many startups experience a “valley of death” at this stage, during which they run out of capital before they can sufficiently refine their product and generate traction with customers. We fill the funding and support gap during this testing and iteration phase, bringing startups to the point where they’re investment-ready, with up  to £80,000 in flexible grant capital.




Bespoke venture building support

Our venture building support is entrepreneur-led and tailored to each individual company’s needs. We begin with a diagnostic phase that dives deep to understand each startup’s product, strategy, communications, finance, operations, tech and other needs. 

The BFA team of fintech experts and venture builders then generates a detailed, sprint-based venture building plan and embarks on six months of intensive support, essentially becoming part of the startup team.

1:1 connections with investors and corporate innovators

Our Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) sources and mentors our startups throughout the program. We also match startups on a 1:1 basis with additional members of our Circle of Investors and our Circle of Corporate Innovators to help startups obtain follow-on capital and scale.



Life cycle of a typical Catalyst Fund startup


Take our eligibility assessment quiz

1. Do you have a fintech startup?We define fintech startups as those that are using technology to deliver financial services.
2. Does your startup reach low-income, or those otherwise excluded from traditional financial services, in the country where you operate?
3. Do you have an MVP in the market?(MVP= minimum viable product)
4. Where is your startup’s product/ service offered?
5. Do you have active customers?
6. How much funding have you raised to date, in total?

Express interest in becoming a Catalyst Fund company

We do not make calls for applications, host challenge competitions, or solicit direct applications. Our startups are sourced and nominated through our Investor Advisory Committee (IAC), in accordance with our Investment Criteria. Startups can, however, express interest to be considered by the IAC. 

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