Women’s History Month 2020

Gender Insights from Financial Diaries

The microfinance industry began with a focus on women’s empowerment through access to credit and discussions of financial inclusion today, through much broader-based to cover the spectrum of population segments, continue to reflect a desire to better serve women. Yet … Continue reading →

Unlocking the Potential: Women and Mobile Financial Services in Emerging Markets

This report is based on research by BFA Global for GSMA in partnership with Visa Inc. It offers insights on women’s needs for financial management tools and use of mobile financial services in Indonesia, Kenya, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, and Tanzania.  … Continue reading →

Digital Savings Groups Can Help Women Finally Bridge the Financial Gender Gap

Authored by Sushmita Meka, BFA; Sally Ross, AKF; Daryl Collins, BFA       The rapid growth of mobile money in some countries has hastened the digitization of financial management for many people on low incomes but seems to be … Continue reading →

Fixing Finance for Women

Responsibilities and problems around money in most societies are gendered A recent study from Harvard Sociologist Alexandra Achen Killewald made headlines when it found that one of the strongest determinants of divorce among American couples was whether the husband in … Continue reading →

Digital Savings Groups

Savings groups play an important role for individuals who lack options to save large amounts of money or have limited to no options to borrow. AKF designed and built a specialized platform aimed at enabling savings groups in Southern Tanzania … Continue reading →

Can Digital Savings Groups Bridge the Digital Divide?

By Innocent Ephraim (FSDT), Daniel Mhina (FSDT), Juliet Kiluwa (FSDT), Daryl Collins (BFA)     Technology is an inevitability, it is everywhere. The world is connecting now at ever-increasing speeds. Data flows are increasing rapidly and the speed of transfer … Continue reading →

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