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Open-sourcing survey instrument for “COVID-19 and Your Finances” in English and Spanish

  In order to conduct a rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19, BFA Global deployed a “dipstick” online survey on Mar 25 and Mar 26 across seven countries. The blog post and dashboard that shared insights from the survey … Continue reading →

Digital financial transfers can supercharge the response to COVID-19

As soon as the scale of the worldwide pandemic became apparent, the Kenya government swung into action with measures that are increasingly familiar around the world: encouraging social distancing, suspending travel, closing schools, etc. But, the Kenya government had an … Continue reading →

Gig workers have powered Wuhan’s response to COVID-19

Looking down at Wuhan from the sky, you might think the city was empty. Instead of a bustling city of 11 million people, Wuhan looks like a ghost town. The center of the COVID-19 outbreak, Wuhan has been under quarantine … Continue reading →

What Colombia-based Rappi can learn from Chinese logistics providers in response to COVID-19

  As of last weekend, Colombia had 210 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 88 of which were in Bogotá and the remaining spread throughout the country. Bogotá entered a “lockdown simulation” last Friday. Restaurants and bars shut soon after, and a … Continue reading →

First insights from China: The effects of COVID-19 on financial health of MSEs

Webinar: First insights from China: The effects of COVID-19 on financial health of MSEs When: Tuesday, March 31st at 8:30am-9:30am EST/8:30pm-9:30pm Beijing time   As members of the global financial inclusion community, all of us, whether we are researchers, implementers, … Continue reading →

How the PAYGo solar sector can prepare for the coronavirus and keep the lights on

Co-authored with Dan Waldron   Many parts of the world are currently locking down in an intense effort to contain COVID-19 before it takes too many lives. These have created dramatic – albeit necessary – economic effects. With these immediate … Continue reading →

¿Cómo está afectando el Covid-19 a la salud financiera de los mexicanos?

  Ahora que México cuenta con 993 casos confirmados de coronavirus y ha entrado en una Fase 2  con contagio local, el Gobierno de la nación está tomando medidas más duras de contención. Dado el carácter exponencial de la epidemia … Continue reading →

Taking the COVID-19 temperature in emerging markets: A dipstick survey to draw early insights about impact on Livelihoods

Co-authored with Ben Mazzotta   It has now been 19 days since the WHO declared the COVID-19 crisis a pandemic on March 11. We publish this blog as several of the largest economies in the world are in the acceleration … Continue reading →

8 Steps for fintech startups: Planning a strategic response to COVID-19

  As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds around us, reported cases across most emerging markets are still relatively low. As of March 30, Nigeria had 111 confirmed cases, Kenya reported 50, India and Mexico reported around 1000, and South Africa around … Continue reading →

FinnSalud and Covid-19: Shifting to emergency mode

  FinnSalud is one of BFA Global’s largest projects, supported by MetLife Foundation and fiscally sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. The project was launched last November to operationalize the concept of financial health through our Mexican partners, aiming to better … Continue reading →

Your finances and the Coronavirus pandemic: Dipstick surveys

  Our social science researchers and data scientists set out to capture real-time snapshots of how Covid-19 is affecting health and wellbeing at the level of households, small businesses, workers, and consumers. On March 25, we surveyed over 1,400 respondents … Continue reading →

India is missing the tech-opportunity for responding to COVID-19

Co-authored with Veethi Vyas     The Indian government has joined many others in adopting extreme preventive measures to protect the citizens and combat the outbreak of COVID-19. As of March 24th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day complete … Continue reading →

Chinese giants rose to the COVID-19 challenge. Will their global peers?

  In February, the outlook for restaurants in China was grim. A few weeks into lockdown with many more weeks looming, owners of restaurants – both big and small – were worried. “Every month, I need to pay my 20,000 … Continue reading →