We know that accelerating startups alone is not sufficient. The wider environment in which they operate also has to be conducive to their growth – which means addressing capital, talent, partnerships, and regulatory barriers.

Catalyst Fund accelerates the inclusive fintech ecosystem by bringing together global and local innovators to form circles of investors, corporate institutions, market facilitators, and universities. They connect with our de-risked startups, and benefit from deep industry insights, exchange ideas through peer networks, and commit to working with us to advance the wider ecosystem.




Our Circle of Investors is composed of 50+ leading emerging markets and fintech investors from across the globe who are excited to support the next innovations in inclusive fintech.


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Our Circle of Corporate Innovators includes local and international innovation-focused financial institutions, telcos, and more who are building the foundation for successful corporate-startup partnerships.


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We partner with leading universities and talent networks to fill short term gaps in technology, data, design, and business talent at our startups, and elevate career opportunities in the inclusive fintech sector.


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Key benefits for circle members

Exclusive insights and evidence

from our work on the ground with startups testing new innovations and business models designed to reach the underserved

Fast-tracked referral

to de-risked inclusive fintech startups from the Catalyst Fund portfolio

A global network of peers

committed to supporting the growth of the inclusive fintech ecosystem

Collaboration opportunities

on the latest BFA Global and Catalyst Fund research