FinnSalud is a 3.5-year  project supported by MetLife Foundation, fiscally sponsored by RPA and managed by BFA Global in Mexico. The project was initially designed to develop a set of standards together with a measurement tool that will help better align consumer financial health with provider ROI, ensuring that financial products and channels are designed in a way that enhances the financial health of both customers and financial actors. Shortly after our initial program launch, the world changed as COVID-19 became a pandemic. As a result, our program quickly shifted gears and began operating in response mode. In this mode, we prioritized real-time research on the financial impacts in Mexico, publishing results and findings with key stakeholders, and building specialized tools for our partners’ financials. (To find out more about our temporary strategy shift, read the blog here.) We are currently developing an updated, permanent strategy that addresses the new financial health challenges brought about by this global pandemic.