Toolkits For Fintech Startups

Starting a business is not easy, especially when you don’t always have the right resources and tools to help you succeed. The Catalyst Fund Toolkits offer you tools across four main areas: AI readiness, trust creation, risk management and product/market fit. These tools are tailored to the needs of inclusive fintech startups that serve low-income customers in emerging markets. Learn more by visiting the Catalyst Fund Toolkits.

AI Readiness - This toolkit helps you to:
Assess whether your startup is ready to go AI and provides you with tailored recommendations on how to best apply and implement AI for your startup.

Trust Creation - This toolkit helps you to answer:
What kind of framework can guide how startups design and build products and services to create trust with their customers?

De-risking - This toolkit helps you figure out:
How can entrepreneurs understand the major risks their business faces
What mitigation strategies can startups apply to reduce their risk profile?

Product/Market Fit - This toolkit helps you get to PMF by letting you answer:
What is the startup journey from Ideation to MVP to Growth?
What frameworks to help teams focus, to design better value propositions, build MVPs, test, measure and learn?