UX Research to Increase Usage

BFA carried out UX/UI research to increase usage of USSD-based value-added banking services among clients of a leading bank in Nigeria. BFA worked with Women’s World Banking (WWB) and a leading Nigerian bank to identify ways to optimize the user experience (UX) with USSD-based value added banking services, to drive strong uptake and usage, particularly among women. BFA designed and led the UX field work in Lagos, including the research plan, participant selection criteria, research tools, and session structure. Before wrapping up the field research, BFA delivered an in-person presentation to WWB and the bank with recommendations for the USSD-based value-added services and features, including implications for consumer communication and engagement. In order to build client capacity, BFA documented the UX methodology used, for potential replication. Key WWB and bank staff also joined BFA for the fieldwork.