Solutions for Life


Solutions for Life scales and replicates proven tools and strategies in impact sectors beyond finance.


Solutions for Life is a strategy that we embed across all areas of BFA’s work, powered by the belief that though finance and may underpin the broad set of challenges that low-income people face, it is not the ultimate goal that people want. By offering an integrated set of life solutions that combine finance, technology, payment and information, a broad range of partners can touch and improve their lives.

  • Grows revenue through cross-selling and expanding into new customer segments, products and channels that are cost-effective at scale.
  • Improves cost structures by illuminating existing costs and comparing those to projected costs of alternative channels or funding sources. The In Focus project developed a proprietary method for cost savings products, and was a first-mover in cost-based business analytics for providers of low-balance accounts in emerging markets.

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Solutions for Life focuses on the impact of finance beyond financial inclusion. By expanding financial solutions in key areas like energy, health, housing, education, and sanitation – as well as enhancing agriculture and small business productivity – it works to improve everyday life for the low-income and underserved populations. Solutions for Life also measures the impact that finance-oriented interventions have on low and middle-income people’s living conditions. 

Solutions for Life starts from understanding the aspirations and needs of low-income people beyond their financial lives to better support them and their dreams. The Solutions for Life team works to embed this perspective into other expertise areas of BFA to retain focus on the ultimate end goal – to improve the lives of low-income people. As we consider how to improve an existing financial service, we not only take into account the usual factors like convenience and user experience, but we also evaluate how a product or service can be better designed to tap into new networks, create knowledge and even empower greater user comfort with technology.  We consider the whole person – not simply the financial portfolio – when designing an intervention and measuring impact.

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