BFA Global applies modern technologies (e.g., machine learning) and methodologies (e.g., lean product design, agile software development, prototyping) to create meaningful solutions for both the public and private sectors, reducing costs and risks for service providers while strengthening the business case for inclusive services and products. We accelerate advances in the field, and industry adoption of applied technology to produce new financial solutions for low-income people by:

  • Introducing methods by which technology-based products and services can be rapidly designed, built and scaled in an inclusive manner.
  • Training and supporting institutions that utilize BFA Global’s proprietary software such as the Financial Diaries Data Collection application and Account Usage Typologies algorithms.
  • Developing frameworks through which partners and clients can assess readiness to adopt emerging technologies, analyze gaps in their current technologies, and measure effectiveness of newly-incorporated technologies.
  • Applying creative technological approaches to ensure customer and business propositions align.