Circle of Corporate Innovators

The Catalyst Fund Circle of Corporate Innovators is a global community of organisations, from major banks and telecommunications companies, to FMCGs, logistics providers and more, that share Catalyst Fund’s goal of advancing inclusive tech innovation in emerging markets.


Why Catalyst Fund?

The Circle of Corporate Innovators is a growing network of leading corporate innovators across emerging markets which has already partnered with tens of startups to create new digital products. Catalyst Fund will accelerate their efforts by enhancing their capacity to source, assess, test and continue to bring new innovations to their customers across Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Mexico, and India.

Circle members receive access to vetted, de-risked startups from the Catalyst Fund portfolio, as well as deep-dive workshops with our experts in products including digital lending and eKYC, and segments including MSMEs and gig workers. We aim to facilitate more successful corporate-startup partnerships, which can better enable startups to reach scale, while providing market leaders with access to and data on the last mile. 


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