Tools for Cooperatives


Our team developed various tools to enable cooperatives to define their current situation and plan for resilience. All tools are customizable.

The Operational Suggestions Guide

The guide seeks to support cooperatives to prepare their response to the crisis caused by COVID-19 in the best possible way, taking concrete measures that support institutional resilience.


The Stress Test Model

While developed within the Mexican cooperative context, this tool and process can be useful to a wider range of financial institutions grappling with the COVID-19 crisis globally. The model calculates key performance indicators for each risk category with different levels of intensity.


Introductory video

Our Intervention Leader and Senior Financial Modeler, Jorge Hernández, explains the objectives of the series. All three videos are developed to be viewed in order. Each one builds upon the information of the previous one. Duration: 1:17

Tutorial 2: How to download the model

In this video you will find a step-by-step on how to download the model and address outstanding questions about the installation process. Duration: 2:45


Tutorial 3: How to input information

This tutorial explains how to enter your cooperative’s information into the model, according to the different levels of reporting that apply to your institution against the CNBV. Duration: 1:20

Tutorial 4: Interpreting the results

This tutorial explains how to properly read the “results sheet” to get the most out of the stress-testing model for your institution. Duration: 1:48