Weaving financial health into the fabric of socially-driven financial institutions in Mexico


FinnSalud is a BFA Global program funded by MetLife Foundation. Over the past three years,  FinnSalud aimed to develop a measuring standard and tool, CIMA, for socially-driven financial institutions in Mexico. The goal was to align consumer financial health with provider ROI better. Through demonstration projects, FinnSalud made the business case for adopting the financial health framework at the institutional level. The ultimate objective was to understand better what it takes for an institution to adopt the framework on-the-ground, and improve the quality and impact of the financial inclusion enabled by providers themselves.

This journey followed several phases through which we created value and collected learnings as shown below.

Key program initiatives over three years


FinnSalud 1.0 launch

Successful launch of FinnSalud 1.0 with financial sector policymakers


Covid-19 response

Conducted a series of rapid dipstick surveys to determine the financial impact of the pandemic on low-income families in Mexico and understand co-op members coping strategies during the pandemic



Resuming activities

Launched a baseline survey with over 1,500 members of two partner credit unions and analyzed their transactional data to produce a FH index


CIMA launch

 The learnings from initial pilots informed the design of the beta version of the FinnSalud tool CIMA, a self-service financial health measurement tool for financial institutions, enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs

Building on these accomplishments, FinnSalud is embarking on a new phase (FinnSalud 3.0), partnering with three institutions to create impact through in-depth advisory services. This partnership aims to enhance the financial health of customers or employees within these institutions. We believe that the implementation of this strategy will result in a better understanding of the business value for organizations in measuring FH and taking action to improve it. 




CIMA is a self-service financial health measurement tool for financial institutions, enterprises, government agencies, and NGOs.

The FinnSalud project developed CIMA to accommodate the needs of three broad target audiences: 

Customers (financial institutions) 

Employees (all types of institutions)

Beneficiaries (NGOs and government programs)


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