About the Strive Program in Mexico

Strive Mexico is a flagship program executed by BFA Global and Fundación Capital. The program aims to reach 400,000 small businesses and female micro-entrepreneurs in Mexico over the next three years to enhance their resilience through the right digital tools and resources. 

Under the program, BFA Global will implementing the Strive Learning Network comprising three components: 

  • Resilience measurement tool

Objective: To diagnose MSEs’ level of resilience and accumulate evidence on the role of digitization and its potential to improve the resilience and growth of MSEs.

Goal: Measure 15,000 MSEs with the tool.

  • Resilience accelerator

Objective: Accelerate the capacity of three organizations to develop, test and offer products and services focused on strengthening the resilience of MSEs sustainably.

Goal: Reach 90,000 MSEs through the accelerated organizations.

  • Resilience lab

Objective: Establish a platform to engage ecosystem actors to exchange experiences and share learnings on the pathways towards MSE resilience.

Goal: Embed the resilience approach in public, private and social programs, projects and initiatives.