The Resilience Accelerator


About the Resilience Accelerator

BFA Global will implement the MSE Resilience Accelerator of Strive Mexico. This accelerator will focus on growth-stage organizations (e.g., primarily fintech and e-commerce companies and startups) receiving tailored support to identify, build, and test features and solutions for MSE resilience that contribute to defining pathways.

Our bespoke approach will hone in on the features, products, or solutions established organizations can offer their MSE customers to improve their resilience. Some may include digital management tools, credit in inventory and asset financing, microinsurance, pension/savings, capacity-building tools for business training & mentoring, digitization, financial capability, and digital commerce. 

The venture acceleration model will start with a diagnostic phase t to understand each business in-depth and enable the design of subsequent sprints. The diagnostic is followed by a series of acceleration sprints across the value proposition, product, data analytics, marketing, UX/UI, user research, and financial modeling.

About the profile of companies for the acceleration

We are looking to support companies or organizations that meet the following requirements:

  • Serves a significant number of women-led or -owned MSEs.
  • Has at least 10k active clients.
  • Has at least one product or service contracted, operated, or offered through digital channels (website or mobile application).

FAQs Resilience Accelerator

What kind of support will the selected organization receive?

Each organization will receive 1 million Mexican Pesos and in-kind support from specialists in different business areas. 


Must the selected organization pay anything?

No, each organization will match the bespoke support with in-kind contributions (i.e., the time they spend working with BFA Global to reach the acceleration milestones.) 


How long will the acceleration take?

Each partner will receive 6-7 months of in-depth venture acceleration in the form of sprints that run a few weeks to a month. The exact engagement will look different for each partner regarding the particular focus of the engagement or the sequence of the sprints. 


What are the commitments that grant recipient organizations have to make?

Organizations commit to sharing lessons learned through the process and insights with the broader ecosystem so that lessons learned can benefit other organizations trying to serve MSEs, funders in the space, financial institutions seeking to partner, and other actors in the ecosystem, to fuel more innovation in building the resilience of MSEs. 


How successful has the acceleration support provided by BFA Global been?

The MSE Resilience Accelerator will draw from BFA Global’s Catalyst Fund Accelerator. Catalyst Fund brings over six years of experience accelerating 61 tech companies across LatAm, Africa, and Asia and a trial-tested methodology to ensure the companies deliver affordable, accessible, and appropriate solutions for underserved consumers and MSEs. 


What are some concrete examples of the support provided by BFA Global?

  • Build scalable tech products that consider the need for Tech & Touch approach at scale and mentoring-like peer-to-peer features to increase engagement and learning among MSEs.
  • Identify concrete areas for support in enhancing a portfolio of MSE resilience features, products, and solutions through user research, value proposition design, regulation, etc.
  • Analyze data with tools including dashboards for metrics tracking, AI/data readiness, data visualization about customer attributes and customer behavior.
  • Optimize UX/UI and communicate value propositions, user research, personas, surveys, UX testing, prototyping, and value proposition design.
  • Build, assess, or refine financial models to determine the resilience portfolio’s business case, scaling, and viability.