The MSE Radar

Show the important role that your institution plays in the enterprise development ecosystem in Mexico by participating in the MSE Radar


About the MSE Radar

The Strive Mexico program’s Micro & Small Enterprise (MSE) Resilience Learning Network, led by BFA Global, launched the MSE Radar as a key initiative to identify opportunities for coordination to strengthen the MSE ecosystem in Mexico. 

The MSE Radar will build a repository of information on all institutions that, directly or indirectly, support the development, growth and consolidation of various MSE subsegments in the country. The results will be shared in a report and will be broadly disseminated.


Why participate in the MSE Radar?

  • As a private sector organization, you will be able to showcase your role and leadership in promoting business development and see other actors’ areas of focus.
  • As a public sector organization, you will be able to identify areas of opportunity in MSE support and design more effective policies and programs that contribute to building a favorable business environment.
  • As a social sector organization, you will be able to identify areas of focus, opportunities and possible partnerships to strengthen and develop MSEs, generating a positive impact on communities and economic inclusion.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to stand out, find opportunities, and generate new partnerships in the enterprise ecosystem in Mexico!


(Spanish only, it will only take 10mins)


Note: only one survey per institution