Accelerating Roads to Resilience for MSEs


2022 has been a year of shocks, bringing the need for resilience into sharp relief and making the vulnerability of micro and small enterprises (MSEs), even more pressing to address. MSEs are especially vulnerable, but digitalization can build their resilience and create broad economic benefits. Supporting MSEs with the right digital and financial support has a ripple effect across the economy and an outsize benefit for women who are among the most vulnerable and most digitally excluded of MSEs.

What is Strive Mexico?

Launched in November 2022, Strive Mexico is a new flagship program by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, with BFA Global and Fundación Capital as implementation partners. The program aims to reach 400,000 small businesses and female micro-entrepreneurs in Mexico over the next three years to enhance their resilience through the right digital tools and resources. Under Strive Mexico, BFA Global operates the Strive Mexico Learning Network while Fundación Capital is the scaling partner for digital tools and mentoring.

The MSE Resilience Accelerator

We are looking to support companies or organizations that provide digital services to micro and small businesses (MSEs) ​​in Mexico, especially women-led businesses.


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