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Join our TECA Community and we will connect you with an active network of experts, investors, and other like-minded individuals committed to a climate-resilient future.

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Each TECA Wave is supported by a Community, which works to collaboratively develop the problem set and venture ideas for each Wave. The Community provides feedback, support, and a network for prospective Founders as they launch their ventures.

Community benefits

Community members will learn from experts in other critical disciplines, get a chance to pitch founders on their startup ideas, help to build the startups our planet needs, and become founding members of this ecosystem.

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We are looking for more experts, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs with knowledge, passion and skills to share with our prospective founders in this and our upcoming Waves. Join us.

Our current Wave, the Africa Blue Wave focuses on the Blue Economy in East Africa, and we have a particular interest in community members with expertise in:

Startup leadership

Marine sciences

Fintech and other tech stacks, including crypto and AI

Climate, including carbon finance

Future Waves will tackle other critical climate issues, and we encourage anyone interested in climate resilience to join us.