Building the Foundation for Local Climate Innovation Ecosystems

What is Waveseeding?

Climate change is rapidly intensifying and we don’t have the level of innovation required to meet the challenge. Simultaneously, climate innovation ecosystems are still nascent and fragmented. Waveseeding rapidly brings together actors in emerging climate adaptation innovation ecosystems to co-create the foundation for a future TECA wave. These paves the way for the wave and builds the foundation for the ideas, talent and capital pipeline. 

Waveseeding is a method for exploring new opportunities and challenges for potential TECA waves in new geographies and new thematic areas. The format is typically a high-speed, rapid design sprint.

Waveseeding events bring together key players in the local climate innovation ecosystem to determine:

A) What are the most promising and needed areas for climate adaptation innovation?

B) Who are the most influential expert organizations in the ecosystem?

C) Where is potential climate adaptation talent? 

Who is involved in Waveseeding?

The key to success in Waveseeding is bringing together a diverse set of organizations and individuals. We look for:

  • Researchers
  • Investors
  • Indigenous community members
  • Youth organization representatives
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Financial service providers 
  • Industry leaders

What happens after Waveseeding?

  • A main output of Waveseeding is the development of the Atlas of Opportunity, the guiding framework for the innovation spaces that future TECA fellows will engage in. For example, check out the Atlas of Opportunity for Santiago, Chile
  • Depending on the readiness of the ecosystem, a TECAthon may follow to test innovation spaces by building prototypes and forge new partnerships in the budding ecosystem.
  • With adequate support, a full TECA Wave will be launched in that ecosystem.

Previous Waveseeding Events

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