Regen Wave

Climate action for biodiversity and regeneration


In the face of scarce resources, insecurity, and a rapidly changing climate, rural communities struggle to build decent lives. To ensure food and water security, robust biodiversity, and quality livelihoods, unprecedented collective action is essential. The Regen Wave responds to this urgency by focusing on restoring and regenerating landscapes, preserving ecosystem integrity, and ensuring the well-being of local communities. Join us in this transformative journey towards a future where landscapes thrive and communities prosper.


What we look for

Entrepreneurial mindset

We’re looking for founders who are creative, opportunistic, and comfortable with uncertainty. Entrepreneurs who can spot promising business ideas and have the vision and determination to make them a reality.


Successful founders know how to focus on outcomes and impact rather than getting bogged down in process. They have a bias toward action and get things done. We want people who set ambitious goals and hold themselves accountable.

Strong work ethic 

Turning an idea into a scalable, investment-ready business requires intense effort and perseverance. Our founders must be self-starters who are willing to make sacrifices and outwork the competition. They cannot be afraid to roll up their sleeves.

Passion for climate resilience 

We want founders who are dedicated to driving positive environmental impact alongside business growth. They should be intrinsically motivated to make a difference on issues like emissions reduction, adaptation, and climate justice.

What we offer

Tailored learning

Access to resources and workshops to build your skills and venture development plus mastering generative AI tools



Have the opportunity to connect with global experts, find co-founders and network with ecosystem players


Receive a stipend as a fellow & funding support for selected ventures


Focus countries

We will consider applications from across Africa

Focus areas

The Regen Wave is focused on launching ventures that help to regenerate terrestrial landscapes and boost biodiversity through innovation in:

  • Inclusive financial services
  • Compensation mechanisms for rural community action
  • Ecological data collection and verification
  • Green job tech platforms
  • Accessible and affordable marketplaces for regenerative agriculture inputs
  • Early warning and climate information systems

The areas outlined above are just a few. We’re open to other ideas you’d like to explore within our focus areas.

Examples of existing startups

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