A Climate Adaptation Solutions Challenge for Youth-led Ventures

What is a TECAthon?

A TECAthon is a 2-day adaptation solutions challenge formatted as a design sprint. During these two days, participants will be challenged to come up with solutions that help vulnerable communities and ecosystems become more resilient to a changing climate. Participants will form teams and work together in a rapid, structured manner to bring their solution idea all the way to a prototype and ultimately pitch to a panel of judges.

TECAthon’s typically take place prior to the launch of a full TECA wave. The TECA wave is a multi-month venture launching program, bringing passionate individuals from a good idea to a brilliant solution that is being used by customers.

Climate adaptation ecosystems are lacking talent, coordination and capital. TECAthons:

A) Build bridges between disconnected actors in the climate innovation ecosystem

B) Build a proof-of-concept to mobilize investment capital

C) Rapidly educate and upskill participants

Who is involved in TECAthon?

TECAthons consist of three main players:

  • Competing participants – these are climate activists, researchers, product developers, entrepreneurs, or those that have a track record of sustainability action
  • Mentors – these are experts in the local ecosystem related to the TECAthon’s particular theme 
  • Judges – these are not only experts but also investors or leads of local incubators and accelerators

Previous TECAthons

What happens after TECAthon?

  • Winners of the TECAthon will receive prizes that help them in their entrepreneurial journey ranging from cash, coaching or co-working space, for example.
  • Strong participants from the TECAthon will be fast-tracked in the future TECA wave for a placement as a TECA fellow.
  • Select mentors and judges will become TECA pilots i.e. go-to resources for TECA fellows. 

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