Innovation in finance video series: how inclusive fintech startups are improving financial health in Africa

Produced by BBC Storyworks as part of the Innovate Finance #Innovationinfinance series

Hear how fintech innovation is transforming financial health in Africa, from the customers served by Catalyst Fund portfolio companies Sokowatch, Turaco, Abalobi and Spoon Money.

Abalobi is creating a thriving marketplace for South Africa’s fisher communities

Abalobi is improving the financial health of fisher communities in South Africa through its fintech platform and marketplace, and ensuring a fair price for their daily catch.

Turaco + Sokowatch provide safety net for East Africa’s underserved

In East Africa, many still lack the financial tools they need to improve their financial lives. Innovative fintech startups like Turaco and Sokowatch are working to provide a safety net for underserved individuals and small businesses, to improve their financial health.

Spoon Money is transforming female-run micro-enterprises in South Africa

Spoon Money offers affordable, accessible and appropriate savings and lending tools for South Africa’s female informal traders. Learn more about how Spoon works to improve their financial resilience.