Catalyst Fund AAA Framework

The Catalyst Fund AAA Framework evaluates three core characteristics that indicate whether tech products are truly inclusive for low-income end customers: affordability, accessibility and appropriateness

The AAA Framework

After years of creating and refining products designed for low-income and underserved people, Catalyst Fund has developed the AAA framework as a way to better understand and gauge what characteristics make a fintech product truly inclusive. We’ve found that inclusive tech companies leverage technology and user-centric product design to create solutions that are more accessibleaffordable, and appropriate than existing alternatives for the end-customers, solving specific challenges those users are facing in a way that meets their needs.


 AAA in practice

Tech products that are truly inclusive are designed in a way that reduces costs, improves user experience and better reaches low-income and underserved users.


Inclusive tech products that are affordable reduce costs for low-income and underserved users


Inclusive tech products that are accessible leverage channels and devices that can better reach excluded segments  


Inclusive tech products that are appropriate improve the user experience for low-income and underserved users

AAA products in the Catalyst Fund portfolio

Examples of AAA products can be found throughout our portfolio and the metrics that we track to assess each component of the Framework. Some examples of product design and features that make tech products inclusive include:

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How does Paymenow enable low-income workers to more affordably access earned wages? How has Destacame built an appropriate and accessible credit score solution? Read more to see the AAA Framework in practice.


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