Why we partnered: Tienda Red is building the resilience of Mexico’s mom & pop shops through technological solutions

October 17, 2023 - 2 mins read

The heart of Mexico’s retail commerce lies thousands of mom-and-pop shops. Around 1 million micro and small enterprises (MSEs) operate these stores virtually in all the country’s localities, serving as a crucial part of the economy. To put the number in perspective, there is, on average, one store for every 125 people. These shops open and close frequently, with an annual entry rate of 16% and an exit rate of 15%. Employing more than three million people, contributing to 7% of the country’s GDP, and representing one out of four enterprises, mom-and-pop shops are more than just businesses; they are the essence of community life and livelihood but face the constant threat of being eclipsed by larger competitors.

Tienda Red, recognizing the need to nurture and protect these vital community hubs, has embarked on a mission to build resilience and empower them through pioneering technological solutions with a holistic approach designed for the shopkeeper. By fostering access to financial services, improving inventory management, providing tools for social marketing, and offering tailored support, Tienda Red is bolstering the resilience of 24,000 MSEs across Mexico.


Navigating today’s competitive retail environment requires modern tools and innovative strategies to build resilience. Tienda Red’s array of technology features, from inventory management to product rotation suggestions, are designed to strengthen the operational robustness of MSEs. With initiatives like the 0% interest rate credit line, on-site QR code scanning for consumer credit, and top-up services, Tienda Red’s innovative approach adds a layer of security and adaptability for small merchants, enhancing their ability to withstand market challenges.

Furthermore, Tienda Red’s focus on tailored training and coaching, combined with a community-centric design, promotes the growth and adaptation of these enterprises in the fast-changing market. The technology they provide is not a one-size-fits-all solution but an adaptive solution that can meet the wide range of  needs and aspirations of Mexico’s diverse local businesses.


Tienda Red’s efforts transcend mere business growth, touching the core of social responsibility by ensuring the resilience of MSEs. Their initiatives have created a network of 18,000 engaged micro and small enterprises through WhatsApp groups, demonstrating a significant social impact. This proved its value in the Covid-19 pandemic as entrepreneurs shared insights on where to find affordable and quality health care. By helping these stores remain open, avoid layoffs, and grow, Tienda Red contributes to a resilient commercial ecosystem that supports local economies. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about a community-driven impact that reinforces the importance of small-scale businesses in Mexico’s economic fabric.

By working with Tienda Red, we will delve into these impacts, exploring how the technology and support provided shape the lives of entrepreneurs and their communities. Tienda Red’s approach offers a holistic view of development and resilience from inventory management to financial literacy. It is a story of empowering human potential through technological innovation and compassionate engagement with the small but meaningful neighborhood enterprise.

Why We Care 

Our engagement with Tienda Red will allow us to learn and contribute to this transformative journey. Together, we will explore the challenges of integrating digital technologies, the cultural nuances of community-based commerce, and the broader implications of financial inclusion and technological empowerment. Tienda Red’s model offers a framework for examining these complex dynamics, providing valuable insights that can shape policies, strategies, and initiatives to foster resilience and prosperity in local economies worldwide.

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