The Atlas of Opportunities for Urban Climate Ventures

TECA Waveseeding Workshop in the City of Santiago
Authored by: BFA GLOBAL
November 24, 2023 - 1 min read

On April 27th, 2023, BFA Global convened 20 climate change experts in Santiago, Chile, as a part of its TECA (Triggering Exponential Climate Action) red wave program, which seeks to build ventures that solve issues of urban climate adaptation and resilience. Participants brought a wealth of experience across government, university, non-profit, and private sector backgrounds. Four groups were formed to discuss the impacts of climate change on the city and to brainstorm adaptation solutions.

Seven areas of opportunity were developed, and four overarching approaches through stakeholder engagement during the workshop, interviews, and desk research. These categories serve as the foundation of urban climate resilience ideas, within which local entrepreneurs and future TECA Fellows can explore and innovate. The Atlas of Opportunities categorizes and summarizes the content generated during the session.

Read the report (English)

Read the report (Spanish)



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