Inclusive Fintech Talent Program

Catalyst Fund is forging partnerships with universities and training programs in emerging markets to provide students and junior talent with opportunities at fintech companies that are building impactful solutions for underserved communities.


We work with:

Fintech startups to identify skill gaps that can be turned into opportunities for junior talent

University and training program partners to find the best candidates and prepare their graduates for roles in fintech

Junior talent to build their professional skills and provide pathways into careers in fintech

The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Fintech Talent Program is managed by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the Judge Business School.

What interns receive

3-6 month paid internship with impact-oriented fintech startups in emerging markets + the possibility to transition into a full-time role

Exposure to fast-growing fintech markets and the broader fintech ecosystem through training with experts and tailored professional development opportunities

An opportunity to cross-learn from a global community of interns who are all passionate about building innovative technology for the underserved

Hear from our interns

Startups where our interns are working



India | B2B | Agri-supply chain efficiency

Farmart is a customer service and engagement app for agri-input retailers in India, to help them better reach the farmers they serve and grow their businesses. Through their app, merchants can send updates to farmers about inventory, new products, crop advisory and end of season stock clearing discounts, as well as track and manage credit repayments. Long-term, the team aims to improve the efficiency of the agri-supply chain across the country.

The team’s mission is to make agri-business a respectable, profitable and preferred choice of profession for the next generation

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Mexico, Chile | B2C | Alternative credit scoring

Destacame is a digital financial management platform offering an alternative credit scoring system that gives low-income individuals in Chile and Mexico control over their data to build their financial capabilities and access financial products.

In Chile, Mexico, and throughout Latin America, many individuals do not have any reported information about their payment behavior and, for those that do, credit scoring is principally negative. Destacame solves this problem by aggregating and analyzing data from multiple existing sources, utilizing payment transactions, as well as geographic and socioeconomic information. Users can then access a variety of financial services, including credit, savings, insurance, bill payment and more.

The platform synthesizes the information and generates a score that an individual can use at their disposal. With users’ consent, Destacame can sell these scores to financial institutions, who are looking for better, faster and cheaper ways to extend credit and other financial products to the largely credit-invisible population.



Nigeria | B2C | Savings + investment

A rising number of young Nigerians have access to mobile phones and internet services. However, they lack access to financial planning products and an understanding of how to use them. 

Current solutions serve a niche population (only 1%) in the country, leaving room for a huge market that is currently underserved. Cowrywise provides access to financial planning and education, smart savings and quality investment products, targeted toward Nigerian youth.

Cowrywise is a digital wealth management platform. It uses technology to make financial planning, smart savings and investment products affordable and accessible to the underserved in Nigeria. Its mission is to democratize access to wealth management services.

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Kenya | B2B | Online banking platform

SACCOs, or savings and credit cooperatives, create financial safety nets for un- and underbanked populations in Africa, who are often excluded by traditional banks by providing affordable access to savings and credit. Kwara offers a secure online and mobile banking solution for SACCOs in Kenya.

Today SACCOs serve millions of financially underserved customers, yet they still rely on manual management information systems that limit their potential to grow. Kwara enables them to better serve their members, acquire more members and increase their own revenues. Members in turn benefit from increased convenience via a customer mobile app, transparency, peace of mind and more complete credit profiles.

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We are seeking individuals who are passionate about fintech innovation and who can utilize their interest, knowledge, and skills to help build solutions for underserved communities.


Become a program partner

We’re looking for partner organizations like university career departments, training programs, and bootcamps to bridge the skill gap by connecting junior talent with Catalyst Fund portfolio companies.


What to expect

Students exposed to exciting, short-term opportunities with some of the most innovative inclusive fintech companies in emerging markets

Student info sessions and seminars on fintech landscapes + careers in fintech in emerging markets

Brand recognition across a global network of inclusive fintech startups

To become an official partner and start receiving curated job postings for your students, email Abby Butkus at