Business Insights

Helping providers make better decisions to drive their business

Business Insights helps partners sharpen their analytical understanding of the trade-offs involved when making business decisions. Our proprietary analytics and tools provide evidence-based insights on top line (revenue potential, pricing and channel development) and bottom line (costing and efficiency) to guide businesses on appropriate strategies to pursue.

Quantitative Analytics

As financial services become increasingly digitized, their repositories of data are a virtual gold mine of information on consumer preferences and actual usage patterns of existing products and services. Quantitative Analytics is a focused subset of Business Insights, which employs a variety of data science methods on these big datasets from providers to better understand their customers, and inform business strategy that better serve their customers.

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In Focus

Examining the experiences of four developing country banks targeting low-income populations.

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Alternative Delivery Channels

BFA collaborated with The MasterCard Foundation as a learning partner focused on consolidating lessons.

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Business Insights is expert at unearthing and interpreting business data that:

  • Grow revenue through cross-selling and expanding into new customer segments, products and channels that are cost-effective at scale.
  • Improve cost structures by shining new light on existing costs and comparing those to projected costs of alternative channels or funding sources. The In Focus project developed a proprietary method for costing saving products, and was a first-mover in cost-based business analytics for the providers of low balance accounts in the emerging markets.

More Business Insights

As the counterpart to Customer Insights, this area works with financial service providers to optimize the customer value proposition in light of business realities. Thus, Business Insights works with businesses, such as small, medium and large financial institutions and delves deep into their business data (accounting, financial, transaction data) to provide a clarifying analysis of their business and the relevant strategies to pursue in Solution Creation.

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Updated January 2017