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Financial Health, Inclusive Fintech

ReCov TechSprints

Digital Financial Services, Livelihoods and Microenterprise

Mexico Financial Diaries

Mexico Financial Diaries set out to obtain granular, long-term, provider-side data about the financial lives of low-income Mexicans. This...

Inclusive Fintech, Policy and Regulation

The RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A)

About R2A The RegTech for Regulators Accelerator (R2A) partnered with leading financial sector authorities to pioneer SupTech applications for...

Financial Health

Finnsalud ES

   ¿Que es FinnSalud? FinnSalud es un proyecto de 3.5 años (2019-2022) financiado por la MetLife Foundation, patrocinado fiscalmente...

Digital Financial Services, Inclusive Fintech, Livelihoods and Microenterprise, PAYGo and Essential Services

Financial Inclusion on Business Runways (FIBR)

How can digital and financial inclusion at the last mile, change lives and improve livelihoods? The Financial Inclusion on...

Catalyst Fund

  Catalyst Fund is an accelerator for inclusive fintech startups. We work with innovators in emerging markets who are...

Financial Health


  What is FinnSalud? FinnSalud is a 3.5-year  project (2019-2022) supported by MetLife Foundation, fiscally sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy...

Digital Financial Services, Refugee Finance

UNCDF Refugees Remittance Study in Uganda

BFA Global developed and piloted a tool to conduct a country assessment on demand, supply, and regulatory considerations for...

Digital Financial Services, Refugee Finance

Refugees and Their Money: The Business Case for Providing Financial Services to Refugees (Rwanda)

BFA Global, supported by FSD Africa, carried out a macro- and micro- analysis to build a better understanding of...