Where we focus

We combine research, advisory, venture building, and investment expertise to build a more inclusive, equitable, and resilient future for underserved people and the planet.

We partner with leading public, private and philanthropic organizations, global and local, to catalyze innovation ecosystems for impact across emerging markets.

We are working with our partners to build a future where people and the planet are resilient to the shocks and impacts of climate change, and digital innovation empowers people to become agents of their own futures.

We consider gender as a crucial dimension of every project we work on. We work with our partners to support women entrepreneurs and to design products that women truly need and want through firsthand user research and human-centered design thinking. We also work to ensure that products are affordable, accessible and appropriate for underserved and vulnerable people.


Catalyzing innovation for a climate resilient future

Our approach has three interconnected pillars: launching new climate resilience ventures, investing in and accelerating startups, and working closely with partners to develop vibrant innovation ecosystems to address these urgent challenges.


Co-creating better futures

We are dedicated to the creation of improved job opportunities and dynamic livelihood strategies. We focus on empowering young individuals, women, and marginalized groups, who often bear the brunt of the challenges of unproductive livelihoods and underemployment in emerging markets.