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Climate change is already disrupting the lives of the most vulnerable people – including urban poor, smallholder farmers, and coastal populations – who are financially underserved, have limited access to financial or social safety nets, and have contributed the least to historic emissions of greenhouse gases. However, existing tools designed to help them understand and prepare for climate risks, and to bounce back from climate shocks, aren’t reaching them due to cost and access barriers. We believe that private sector innovation in digital financial services is key to unlocking affordable access to these solutions.

We work with thought leaders across the climate resilience and adaptation space, as well as in digital financial services, to develop programs and solutions that can address climate vulnerabilities, improve food security and the livelihoods of producers, while contributing to economic development and sustainability. We aim to catalyze an industry that can support innovation in this space, while gathering direct proof points from fintech startups working to improve the climate resilience of vulnerable populations via the Catalyst Fund.

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BFA Global and Catalyst Fund are exploring opportunities to support startups that are building solutions at the nexus of digital finance and climate resilience. 

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