Climate resilience

The World Bank estimates that 100M people will fall back into poverty and another 150M will be internally displaced due to climate change. It’s already impacting consumers in emerging markets who don’t have the resources to respond to floods, droughts, pests, disease outbreaks and more. This poses risks to financial service providers – especially those focused on smallholder farmers and investments that depend on agriculture. Climate solutions will require a combination of data, financing, and technology innovations in order to effectively scale and replicate. Delivering appropriate adaptation products and services to low-income individuals, households, and communities will require novel delivery methods and products.

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BFA Global and Catalyst Fund are exploring opportunities to support startups that are building climate resilience or adaptation solutions for smallholder farmers and fishers in Africa. 

We define a climate resilience or adaptation solution as any product, service, or platform that allows farmers or fishers to; understand and manage activities, risk, and opportunity on a daily basis; withstand and recover from downside risk and shocks; or take advantage of potential upside and build for the future.

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