Bridging the gender gap

Gender inequality persists across the world, and post-COVID has been further reinforced. The UN predicts the pandemic will push more women into poverty globally than men. Today ~1 billion women globally lack access to financial services, and across emerging markets women continue to be underserved even by inclusive fintech products. 

The share of women in informal employment globally exceeds that of men, and the risks and vulnerabilities associated with informal work and entrepreneurship disproportionately affect women. Efforts to close the gender gap in areas such as e-commerce in Africa, which has the potential to benefit many such women business owners, can contribute significantly to the value of the e-commerce market. At BFA Global we weave a gender lens into much of our work – from thinking through solutions designed with women users in mind, to ensuring representation of women-owned startups in our accelerator programs. 

We aim to enable women’s economic empowerment by improving access to finance and income for women entrepreneurs, and designing solutions that better meet the needs of women consumers. We work with our partners to design products that women truly need and want through firsthand user research, human-centered design thinking, and by leveraging our AAA framework.

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Expanding Women’s Mobile Money Use in Ghana

BFA Global designed and coordinated a case study, together with GSMA, to assesses the impact of MoMo Pay on female merchants and customers in Ghana.