Refugee finance

Over 70 million people are currently forcibly displaced worldwide, making the refugee crisis one of the defining social crises of our time. These individuals lack access to the services and tools they need to achieve stability and rebuild their livelihoods. Having suitable financial services readily available is absolutely key for individuals to sustain themselves and their households, and for their businesses to innovate and grow in entrepreneurial environments. Access to convenient, reliable and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs is a critical step toward broader economic and social inclusion.

Featured projects

Financial Inclusion for Refugees (FI4R)

The FI4R project was launched by FSD Uganda and FSD Africa in collaboration with BFA Global to support financial service providers (FSPs) to offer financial services to refugees and host communities. The project will also conduct refugee financial diaries in Uganda and provide insights into the financial strategies employed by refugees over time to build their livelihoods and manage their finances.

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