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Why Inclusive Fintech Works
AI Use Cases For Financial Services
Battery Hacking
Inclusive Digital Ecosystems of the Future
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Affordable and Accessible Remittance Services for Refugees: A Toolkit
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A Fintech Approach to Financial Inclusion - A BFA Webinar

Designing for Trust - Catalyst Fund Toolkit Webinar Series

Designing for Trust 2- Catalyst Fund Toolkit Webinar Series

Assessing Risk for Startups

Artificial Intelligence - Practical Superpowers Webinar

Designing Credit Solutions for Small Merchants

FIBR - How Can Small Merchants Get The Most Out of E-commerce Using Superplatforms?

Superplatforms: Unlocking the Potential of Merchants, E-Commerce and Financial Services in Africa

FIBR - How can data help PAYGo providers better serve and retain customers?

FIBR - How are FIBR and PEGAfrica building viable PAYGo businesses and their agents?

FIBR - How are we helping small merchants access more tailored financial services?

FIBR Launch Feb 2016 in Accra, Ghana

FIBR in 2018: how might a more digital world help MSMEs and PAYGo providers grow?

What does FIBR do?

Why is FIBR working with PAYGo and MSMEs in particular?

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