What is it like to work at BFA?

Impact on the new frontier

After 10 years in business, we want to be even more intentional about improving our overall blended return by better defining, measuring and managing across our company financial, social and knowledge building goals. We strive to do our work better each time because of who we are. We also look for this mindset and level of motivation in our team members.


Current Openings

Associate, Policy & Ecosystem Development

Global Reach

Our geographical expansion has a clear philosophy underpinning it. We establish offices in locations where we find talent who can add new skills and experiences. Our intention is to purposely assign our employees to work on projects around the world so that they gain experience and perspective beyond their home regions.

FIBR – Ghana
RIA – Malaysia
Financial Diaries – Mexico
User Research for WWB - Tanzania
Catalyst Fund – Chile

The BFA Basics

While we seek to set up in geographies where we see emerging talent, we are mindful not to lose our culture, philosophies, and sense of collaboration as we expand. Creating an environment free of internal conflict, encouraging ideas and questions and supporting integrated solution creation are important to us. Ask us about our culture — encapsulated in the BFA Basics — to learn more about how we maintain a positive working environment.

Our company culture emphasizes collaboration, trust,
creativity, taking risks and learning from mistakes.

Our People

Updated January 2017