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PAYGo and Essential Services

In 2019, the FIBR team was at the Global Off-Grid and Lighting Association (GOGLA) Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam. This is the member-facing off-grid solar industry event where we had the chance to present the PAYGo NEXT Innovation Gallery: Powering Business with Predictive Insights and Automation. Attendees had the chance to experience the latest in applied machine learning to help solve the pressing problems that PAYGo businesses face today.

For the first time at GOGLA, PAYGo NEXT brought the practical power of AI to members hands with:

  1. Churn prediction models to help identify customers at risk and better target customers for repayment.
  2. Robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline time-consuming backend processes and examples of chatbot for agents.
  3. Geospatial maps to visualize potential markets for expansion using predictive analytics and public data sets.
  4. An app for optimizing field operations for agents to reduce cash transfer risk.

Download demos below.