BFA Global worked with GSMA’s Mobile for Development team to present a new business model that can enable Mobile Money Providers (MMPs) to remain commercially sustainable and competitive in an increasingly digital mobile money environment, as key trends impacting revenue and cost drivers indicate a likely disruption to their prevailing transactional make-up.

The resulting report builds on GSMA’s 2019 Payments as a Platform initiative and 2014 Mobile money profitability: A digital ecosystem to drive healthy margins report, and leverages new research data, validated via sessions with a global set of leading providers, to revisit the economics of mobile money businesses. It demonstrates the case and timeliness for a transition to a more resilient ecosystem-centric profitability model through three stages. The report also touches on the necessary industry context within which we ground the dynamics of the model, the inputs and assumptions that inform the model, a set of key recommendations for the industry, and resilience measures that should be accounted for in case of exogenous disruption that could affect any of the above.


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