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BFA Global’s research and advisory services rely on years of experience deriving rich insights from qualitative and quantitative research methods in frontier and emerging markets. We leverage insights from this research to inform our business, technical, financial and policy advisory services to help our partners create solutions to their most pressing problems.

We leverage expertise in business strategy, product innovation, financial modeling, digital transformation and data analytics to help financial service providers digitize and better serve their customers. We support organizations to better understand the needs and behaviors of the most vulnerable, through in-depth field research. We consult funders and philanthropic players on crafting and executing high-impact projects across various sectors. We accompany startups through their journeys to product-market fit. We support regulators in designing fair and effective policies that can enable the development of innovation ecosystems.

Market research

We perform deep field and market research to analyze demand and supply-side trends, derive strategic insights and craft solutions

Financial diaries

We apply the financial diaries methodology to deeply understand the lives, needs, behaviors and desires of low-income and underserved customers across emerging markets

Business Strategy & Financial Modeling:

We use proprietary analytics and tools, business strategy frameworks and financial modeling to advise our clients on strategy, products, channels, pricing, financial planning and efficiency to use in the digital age.

Digital Transformation

We work with brick-and-mortar incumbents, such as MFIs and cooperatives, to future-proof them and prepare them to serve the digital clients of the future.

Policy & Regulatory Design & Advice

we work alongside regulators, supervisors, and policymakers to design evidence-based policies, test RegTech solutions and implement impact evaluations to enable innovation ecosystems.

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