Digital onboarding of women producer collectives – Rural livelihoods

Year Started:

Key Partners/Clients:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Area of Work:
Livelihoods and Microenterprise

India, Uganda

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation commissioned BFA Global to understand the opportunity of e-commerce for individual and collective women-owned enterprises through linkages to markets, value addition to the production of goods, and improved productivity enabled through digital platforms. In the first stage (Phase 1), this project aimed to understand which categories of women producers in Uganda and India, and specifically which industries may best lend themselves to the benefits of digital platforms, and therefore serve as a motor of growth for these enterprises. In the second stage (Phase 2 and 3), we honed in on women collective enterprises promoted by State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs) in two focus states in India to strategise and pilot tractable interventions for linking and retaining these enterprises on digital marketplaces.