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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Data Visualization, Geo Mapping

About innovation:

The DataStack is a new data architecture to serve the needs of financial authorities to increase and improve volume, variety, and velocity of data available. This allows supervisors and regulators to inform their decision-making process and to implement their mandate more effectively. Initially focused on Nigeria, the long-term outcome of the project will be the development of a portable data stack, a blueprint that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be able to offer to financial authorities in its focus markets and beyond.

You can benefit from these learnings today:

  • Leverage geotagged data
    Layer and style different views to add context as you view your data spatially
  • View your KPIs on dashboards
    Run calculations and use filters to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the metrics you’ve collected
  • Publish your insights
    Make your data actionable either within or outside of your organization